Guiding Principles

Faster, sleeker, lighter, better handling and more comfortable than when it was new, it embodies the latest aftermarket technology incorporated into the ever-changing dynamics of its design.

Now in its 5th decade of ownership, the journey began within hours of delivery. Some changes are obvious, while others are quite subtle. Many are totally unseen, but are hidden in the engineering necessary for functionality - or simply because I wanted it.

                                                                              Family owned and operated since 1969

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See all about Nightwind, including exclusive technical details and photographs. Follow the journey of its evolution in the Explore section, where you can browse through photo albums and access links to additional content at the bottom of the page.

If It's on a Trailer, It's Broken!

Nightwind is driven regularly and frequently entered in local car shows and cruise-ins. I’m not a “clean freak”, so show judges may not be impressed. No matter. Sincere personal expressions of appreciation for the car are far more important to me than trophies. Hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones...that's why I go to car shows.


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