Son Doug's 1999 twin-turbo C5 convertible. He modified every body panel, including construction of the full-width grille opening, custom hood, aerodynamic effects, mild flares and redesigned tail.

Doug constructed this unique design utilizing a fiberglass replacement front bumper. It was completed in 2004, the year prior to release of the C6. He was frequently asked if it was the new C6 model.

The custom tail began as a fiberglass replacement bumper, shortened 2" in length and 2-1/2" in height. It required a huge amount of work, but resulted in a far less massive look. It's been executed in such an elegant manner that it has to be viewed next to a stock Vette to appreciate the differences.

      Doug's Vette in St Pete 

"Corvettes at the Pier" show.

The turbos are buried deep in the engine compartment behind the gills, not visible from above; with the powerplant backed by a twin-disc clutch and 6-speed trans.

Doug's Factory 5 Racing GTM being delivered.


26 boxes of components accompanied the body and chassis. All drivetrain, cooling system, brakes and ancillary components were sourced independently.

GTM engine/drivetrain/chassis completed.

Includes 480 HP LS3 powerplant and one of the first GTM-specific Mendeola 5-speed transmissions available, Stop-Tech brakes, front stabilizer bar, Vintage Air and dozens upon dozens of technical innovations and modifications.

Body on for test fit.


The passenger side of the body was found to be 3/4" shorter between the wheel well and door than on the drivers side, initiating a HUGE correction process.

A quick pause during a test drive in February, 2018. 


Almost ready for paint! All the additional adjustments and fiberglass work for proper body fit required lengthy redesign time. 


When it's finally done, it will be spectacular!

Wife Sher's 1992 GMC Typhoon, purchased new.

She kept the original color  scheme, but opted to repaint it in Mitsubishi Glacier White pearl. 

With its turbocharged 4.3 liter V-6 and All-Wheel drive, it was the quickest of all GM  factory-produced vehicles in 1992. It now has 4-wheel disc brakes, a rear stabilizer bar and a smaller steering wheel, but otherwise remains virtually stock.

Our 2016 Cadillac ELR, (Electric Low Roof in GM-speak), "Sport" Extended Range Electric Vehicle. One of only 523 manufactured for this, their final year of production. 60 were painted this color - Graphite Metallic (Gray).

Out of all ELR production for the 2016 model year, 126 were built with this optional "Kona" interior. Calculations suggest that there were approximately 18 cars produced with this interior & exterior color combination. It also has the "Performance Package" and adaptive cruise control, but it's uncertain how many cars included these upgrades.