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Black Magic!

There's Nothing basic about this black Cafe Racer that is as 'bad' as it looks!
by Stuart Yale

Larry Van Gelder, a high-performance parts salesman from St. Petersburg, Florida owns this outrageous ground-hugging Stingray since it was new in 1969. Car is lowered 2 inches front and rear and suspension is factory Daytona package. In addition to street and show use, Larry also competes in Autocross and drag events.

Motive power comes from car's original 427 big-block fitted with 11-to-1 pistons, Sig Erson cam, Hooker headers, dual-point distributor and lots of custom polished, plated and painted accessories. Air conditioner is strictly functional.

Body sports flared front and rear fenders, extended Phase III hood (cowl grille removed), modified side gills, relocated rear window, rolled rear pan and a radio aerial mounted under the body. Electric door controls replace basic key locks. All emblems have been removed, seams filled.

Front wheels are deep chrome reverse units, 10-inches wide, fitted with G-50 tires. Note design of custom hood which was originally introduced for L-88 / ZL-1 use.

Low-profile front end boasts rectangular headlamps mounted in the grille. Front bumper is gone and grille opening has been reshaped. The hood scoop was extended a full 8 inches for the super-sleek look.

Larry has updated the interior of his '69 Stingray via the addition of '79 Corvette seats, Mallory Rev-Control tach, custom steering wheel and special oil pressure warning lamps built into the dash.

The molded-in license plate says it all! Rear end is bumper less-adorned with rolled pan.

Hooker black outside exhausts dump in front of the 12-inch wide Appliance wheels. Stainless Steel Brakes are used at front and rear.

Rolled, molded and spoilered rear is a traffic-stopper. Stingray now has a relocated Camaro gas tank with gas filler mounted behind the license plate. Backup lamps have been converted to tail lights

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